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Unity – today’s dire need

Published:Sunday | December 26, 2021 | 12:07 AM

“Let us move together, let us grow together

Let us foster the knowledge that we have earned together

Let us live together in harmony”

How many countries have won freedom from foreign rule, but sadly, have not won unity? Students! Unity is most essential. What cannot be achieved by individuals can be easily achieved collectively, as the above quotation implies.

Students must cultivate unity. The reputation and future prosperity of the nation are hinged on the behaviour of students. Ensure that your conduct is proper. All the future leaders of the country are among today’s students. “Start early, drive slowly, reach safely”. Imprint the nation’s welfare as the primary goal in your heart, starting in your student days. Students should enter society as men and women of action. You should win victory in selfless endeavours with self-confidence. This is what the motherland needs desperately. Today, people advocate new forms of society based on various criteria. We do not need a new social order or a model society. Virtuous boys and girls are enough. The nation can progress only through virtuous youth. Establishing various social norms and then breaking them is only a waste of time.


There is only one society, the human society. All of humanity is one. If all stand as one and work in unity, truly what a glorious nation this motherland will become! If all act united as “plus, plus, plus, plus”, their abilities will add and the country will stand strong as one body.

In this supremely sacred land, forbearance is the sign of beauty. Of all disciplines, adherence to truth is the greatest penance. The sweet feeling pervading this land is the motherly feeling. Character is more precious than life itself. But, alas! Like an elephant unaware of its own strength, many imitate foreign values today, forgetting their own greatness!

Why are so many ignorant of their own glory? What is the reason? Selfishness and hatred are growing. We can attain peace on the day we destroy selfishness and hatred, not before that. First of all, we need human values. What is the true mark of a human? Words, heart and hands must work in unity. “The proper study of mankind is man”. There must be unity in thoughts, words and actions. Today, this pure human quality of unity is absent. Students! Pursue education while keeping society’s welfare in view.

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