Thu | Mar 30, 2023

The night nurse

Published:Sunday | January 15, 2023 | 1:05 AM

Achuum! Achuum! So went my horrible cold. Days and days of coughing, sneezing, miserable fevers and, after all this, my nose seemed to have the need to bleed, because I could not help blowing.

In class, I was scorned because of all these symptoms. Then finally, one day, My father found a solution, and said, “Keisha, you need a Night Nurse.”

Why would I need a night nurse? The day before, my mother bought a bottle of medicine and it broke, and now I need a night nurse?! How awful!

I had images that she would be a rough, witchlike woman. I worried about this, and pretended to feel better to avoid getting one. But, of course, my Father knew my tricks, and it didn’t work.

I did not see a night nurse arrive, when, one night, my father said, “Keisha, it’s time for your night nurse.” I was horrified, how could this be?

When my father tucked me in, because my illness was getting worse, he gave me a green liquid medicine. It wasn’t very tasty at all. Yuck! Then I looked at the bottle, and on the front I saw, ‘Night Nurse’. What? Night nurse!’ I thought to myself. I felt a little stupefied, as a matter of fact, and also extremely dumb. Of course, this must have been my ‘Night Nurse’, how silly of me.

I told my father what I had thought, and peals of laughter echoed throughout the house that night, and every time from that day on, when I was sick, I never forgot my ‘Night Nurse.’

A short story by Lisa Gaye Taylor