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Published:Sunday | March 19, 2023 | 1:09 AM

Who is SHE?

She is a guiding light,

Graceful and sustaining in her love.

She is the yin to his yang,

Beautiful yet strong; it’s in her blood.

She is the mother nature has created,

Sometimes appreciated, sometimes berated.

Sometimes a tower of strength, sometimes the eagle herself.

Still she wears her smile, proud of her feminine wealth.

Her touch, it heals - blessed with the gift of life,

Even with tears in her eyes, she makes the sacrifice.

Even on her worst day, she brings a smile to your face,

Versatile is a woman, exquisite in her ways.

It’s the mystery of her Sibylline expressions, it’s the fire in her eyes,

Sublime in her singularity, she is one of a kind,

A monarch, a queen, she has it all.

Aptly said by Maya ... “Phenomenal”.

-Pearly Wordz

Teachers deserve better pay

Teachers were on strike.

In the general cost of living there is a spike.

There is nothing about this that anyone can like.

Teachers work hard, they play the role of parents away from home.

They keep the children away from the streets to roam.

They are like doctors, nurses, lawyers, police and soldiers.

There would be no education system without our teachers.

We cannot treat them like they are irrelevant creatures.

There would be no school and everyone would be a fool.

Teachers deserve the best pay.

And this is something I will always say.

The teaching profession is not a calling for poverty.

The teaching profession should be a calling for prosperity.

Teachers deserve a liveable wage.

They help their students to elevate to a higher stage.

A higher stage of life to help themselves and be an agent of change.

Whether public or private sector, every teacher is a projector.

A projector of hope and they help their students to cope.

Cope with the challenges of life and not resort to dope.

To teach this generation of children and adults, teachers have to be strong.

And you cannot tell me that I am wrong.

Teachers are expected to be present at school every week.

And they cannot be physically or mentally weak.

We stand and sit with teachers.

We walk and drive with teachers.

Teachers should be the highest paid professionals.

Because they are responsible for every profession.

Whether you are a CEO, lawyer, doctor or politician,

A teacher has played a big part in you becoming successful in your career.

Teachers must get a liveable pay; they shouldn’t have to live from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Teachers should be able to eat well, dress well, drive well and live well.

Every teacher should be able to own their own transportation and house.

Teachers should not be broke like a church mouse.

Teachers deserve the best pay,

They are unsung heroes who live to save the day.

– Erika Heslop Martin