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Navigating chess moves

Published:Sunday | May 7, 2023 | 12:31 AM
You Can Play Chess cover
You Can Play Chess cover

Troy McKoy recalls the first time he sat down to write a book about chess. “It was on November 9, 2017, which also happens to be my son’s birthday,” McKoy said. The inspiration, according to him, was something that his wife said seven months earlier. “Why don’t you coach chess in schools? You have been coaching your children and they are doing well!”

He took up the challenge, and as he was coaching chess in schools, he began writing the book – You Can Play Chess.

Chess is a a family affair for McKoy, in April 2017, Carifta Chess was hosted by Jamaica where his two children participated. His daughter, Arielle who was 10 years old, competed in the under-12 category and placed fourth overall, while his son Aaron, then five years old, competed in the under-8 category, which he won.

“This helped in my decision to raise up other players like themselves at an early age,” McKoy said.


He said that the book, which is concise, is easy to follow. “An adult can take this material and teach themselves or a child to play the game,” McKoy said. “A few benefits of chess are outlined and then we learn about the pieces, how they move, how they attack, the importance of the king, checkmating the king, and just playing the game. The basic rules of engagement in playing this sport are highlighted.”

McKoy said he saw the need to write this book, after coaching children for several years and seeing the benefits of chess in their life. Through the book, he said, he wants to reach a wide section of people, who are chess enthusiasts and want to play. He said that he is sharing his knowledge of the game and hopes that people who read You Can Play Chess would get valuable insights and help to learn the terminologies and strategies to be a good chess player.

Chess, a game of strategy that originated in India, is not as intimidating as it may seem. “Chess is for everybody,” McKoy said. “From three to 83 years – if you have the mind for it - then take up the challenge and reap the rewards.”

You Can Play Chess – ISBN - 978-976-97055-0-0 – is self-published.