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Does time heal wounds?

Published:Sunday | September 17, 2023 | 12:05 AM

In times of grief, pain, separation, failure, or disappointment, people often tell us “Time heals all wounds”. While it may offer a glimmer of solace, the deeper truth is, time is an external entity, it cannot directly mend our internal emotional wounds. Healing comes from within through a process of self-reflection, understanding, and acceptance. Time as an external force, is oblivious to our inner struggles. It cannot magically erase our pain or heal our emotional scars. The notion that time alone can heal our wounds is a passive perspective that places the responsibility for our emotional well-being outside of ourselves.


The reality is that healing is an active and introspective process. It is a journey of self-care and personal responsibility. Why we feel healed is that, as time passes, we have the opportunity to gain knowledge, reflect on our experiences, and develop a deeper understanding of life’s complexities. This process of self-awareness and growth allows us to become emotionally independent and stronger. We learn to navigate the depths of our feelings, understand their origins, and uncover healthy coping mechanisms. Through introspection, we gain insight into the root causes of our pain and disappointment, helping us make peace with our past and shape a better future on the ground of creating a compassionate present towards the self.

Critically, healing involves ‘acceptance’. It is not about forgetting or erasing the past, but acknowledging it and learning from it. Acceptance is a powerful step towards inner peace. It allows us to make peace with our pain and move forward with new-found wisdom. Instead of relying on the abstract notion of time to heal us, we can actively participate in our healing journey which will empower us to take charge of our emotional health and resilience.

One effective strategy for healing is to create affirmations that reinforce the fact that we possess the capacity to heal and grow. By adopting this perspective, we become resilient individuals capable of facing uncomfortable emotions head-on. We shift from a passive mindset to an active one. Rather than waiting for time to pass, we actively address our emotional wounds, seeking the tools of knowledge and self-compassion to heal immediately. This proactive approach transforms us into architects of our own emotional destiny, creating beautiful and harmonious relationships.

Let us realise that, while time may be an ever-flowing river, it is our inner strength, understanding, and acceptance that truly heal our wounds. It is time to embrace the power of personal responsibility and the magic of acceptance in our healing journey. Let us affirm our ability to heal ourselves, thereby creating a peaceful NOW.

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