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Biblically grounded poems with a message

Published:Sunday | February 25, 2024 | 12:09 AM
Book cover – Water Jar
Book cover – Water Jar

Book review by Nicole Watson

Water Jar by Kacy Garvey is a collection of biblically grounded poems that challenges readers to leave the ways of the world behind and live a life of purity. Garvey’s poems also address topical concerns in our Jamaican society and the need for the people of the country to recognise corruption and disruption in our system and actively speak out against them.

The collection flows like a story that is told to evoke a feeling and spur us into a resulting action. From the first poem to the last, the intensity of each increases and the message becomes clearer and more profound.

It starts with The Word, which encourages us to think of God’s word as an “outpouring” of love from a friend who points us in the right direction because he or she wants what’s best for us. We are encouraged to be like the Wise Men who sought and worshipped Jesus, not for what they could get from Him (as most of us do), but for who He is. The story continues with Undone, which urges us to do some self-evaluation and look deeply at how we are living our lives: have we “made an idol of morality” or do we really value purity? Are we fighting for the things that we are called to fight for or are we being passive because they do not directly concern us?


The next two poems, Molech and Hurricane Watch, specifically address some of the social issues plaguing Jamaica. Children and their mothers being killed by our men, as if they are being sacrificed to the ancient Canaanite deity, Molech, who has invaded our schools, our homes, even our hospitals. The people of Jamaica are also cautioned to “watch” out for the unnatural sexual practices that seem to have become the norm in other parts of the world, and to be vigilant and guard against them entering the gates to our society.

The remaining poems are an appeal for us to reflect on the goodness of God. Like The Mystery of the Mirror, the following poem, Eyes, tells us to look at humanity through God’s eyes and not ours, practising forgiveness and mercy because He has shown us the same. We should be Quick to return to God who Fell in Love with us, despite our sinfulness. The collection concludes with Schizo, a Greek word that means to rip apart or split. In this final poem, Garvey reminds us that God’s love for His people is so passionate that the heavens ripped open and the veil tore apart in His pursuit of us, so we should return to Him and never depart.

Overall, Water Jar is an expression of Garvey’s faith as well as her passionate views on the social issues in Jamaica. This comes as no surprise given her professional projects around politics, human rights, sex and sexuality, and anti-corruption, among other areas, in the Caribbean.

Water Jar: A Poetic Outpouring

Author: Kacy Garvey

Publisher: Mayim Publishing

ISBN: 987-976-96163-1-8

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