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Texaco Jamaica, 102 years later

Published:Sunday | July 25, 2021 | 12:06 AM
A Texaco gas station in Kingston.
A Texaco gas station in Kingston.
Bela Szabo, CEO of Texaco.
Bela Szabo, CEO of Texaco.

In 2019, Texaco celebrated 100 years of operation in Jamaica, and two years later, the company remains committed to the continued growth and development of the Jamaican market.

The company has a large network of haulage contractors islandwide and maintains an excellent relationship with its suppliers, thereby ensuring consistent reliability of supply for its customers.

Techron is the additive unique to Texaco that’s found in all grades of its gasoline, and is noted for optimising vehicle performance by keeping vital engine parts clean. In a notable achievement for Jamaica, up to 2020, a Jamaican, Peter Fuentes Afflick, led cross-functional technical teams responsible for the development of Chevron’s exclusive fuel additive formulation, Techron.

In recent years, the issue of safety at service stations has taken on renewed focus, and Texaco Jamaica has worked hard to provide the necessary support to its network. In 2020, even as we dealt with the effects of the pandemic, the company invested in a monthlong Fire Safety Monitor Certification Training for its service station retailers and employees all across the island.

Approximately 195 persons took part in the sessions, and saw each participant being certified in fire safety training by the Jamaica Fire Brigade, who provided both theoretical and practical training scenarios. Participants also received security and hurricane preparedness training provided by Texaco’s internal Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Department. There are plans this year to host more training sessions, to include First Aid Training.

Also in 2020, the company issued a Health, Safety, Security and Environment Manual, which covers a wide gamut of topics, to retailers across the network.

“GB Energy feels very proud to represent the Texaco brand in Jamaica, and we are looking to continue this for another 100 years and more,” said CEO Bela Szabo. He added, “We are committed to growing the business using forward-thinking strategies, while providing quality, reliable fuel supply to our customers, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring our entire network is operating under the necessary safety standards.”