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Charly Black takes beauty queen Ria Rania to ‘Flea Market’

Published:Saturday | November 12, 2022 | 12:08 AMStephanie Lyew and Krysta Anderson/Gleaner Writers
Charly Black (left) and Ria Rania.
Charly Black (left) and Ria Rania.

Platinum- and diamond-selling artiste, Charly Black, is taking former beauty queen-turned-recording artiste, Ria Rania, to school. Not that she needs to be taught or anything he said, as he discovered the on-the-rise performer is not only professional in her approach to the music business, but also hardworking.

“For anyone that makes a link with Team Unstoppable, I like to observe what they are about before we do any type of work together. I wanted to see what she sounded like live, and while in Florida to promote my album last year, myself and the team recognised her talent while on the road,” Charly Black told The Gleaner.

He added, “She is a talented young girl, working on her craft, and I’ve only known her for a year now, but she is a monster when she is working. I must also say that she is humble.”

Their collaboration, titled Flea Market, was coined to describe women with big buttocks. The topic is emphasised throughout the lyrics of hardcore dancehall track, but Charly Black claims it is done in a tasteful and modern style and anticipates it will do well within the dancehall because songs such as this have been missing within the space.

“It’s been a long time since voicing a song like Flea Market; since signing with Universal Records, I have not done a song like this. This is [an] authentic dancehall sound and flavour, and it will do great. I’ve already seen its potential as I’m currently in Canada promoting it, and people are loving it. It’s a flashback to the original style. And everybody know me is not a man weh put out stupidness either,” a confident Charly Black stated.

Ria Rania also has high expectations for the single. The Westmoreland-born, Florida-raised creative said that she would like her audience to not only listen to, but learn to appreciate “how a real dancehall track should sound and make it their daily mood”.

“I have always loved the original dancehall, and I absolutely love the simplicity, yet catchiness to the hook, which is my part. It is sexy and seductive. I must give Charly credit, as he is the one who came up with the entire “flea market” idea, and of course, his verses are fire as he always brings it,” she said.

The song, which is produced by TJ Records, who Ria Rania had met for the first time during the music video shoot, was officially released on September 30. It has garnered close to 150,000 views on YouTube.


Ria Rania, given the name Racquel Service, is known for winning multiple beauty titles, including Miss Fort Lauderdale USA and Miss Jamaica Diaspora. In 2018, days after being disappointed from her pageant endeavours, she stepped into a recording studio to unleash some tension. She was immediately transported back to a time of love and passion through music.

She released her debut single, Korea.

Ria Rania’s song catalogue has a few others with the authentic and hardcore dancehall sound, including Hardcore and Flirt, but she is also known for her rapping skills on tracks like Oh Nah, If You Choose and Games, released three months ago.

“I have few singles to release after this [so] the new fans I’ve garnered will see what I can do on my own. After Charly Black and I met, it was history; it’s been work, work, work. It’s been great. Next year, the music industry can definitely look out for an EP from me,” she said.