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Reggae romance

Published:Thursday | February 16, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

What really happens when reggae meets romance? In keeping with the spirit of Reggae Month, let's take it back to the root of erotic rhythm. We asked a few of our readers, "If you wanted to give your lover some sweet reggae loving, which song from the genre would you choose to get your party for two started, and why?"

- Sean Paul featuring Estelle, Come over Love, is my first reggae choice. For me, the words of the song say it all.

- Stacia Cassells, female


- I would start out with Beres Hammond's I Feel Good because the song speaks about that warm feeling you get when you hold your woman, reminiscing on the good times - it just gives you a really good feeling.

- Roland Stennett, male


- The first song that immediately pops into my head was Chuck Fenda and Cherine Anderson's Coming Over. I guess that works if he is not at the house, and because my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, when we're finally going to see each other this is our go-to reggae song."

- Mishka Anderson, female


- My girlfriend is a nurse, so for me, it's only natural to call on Gregory Isaacs' Night Nurse when I need her to 'quench dis yah thirst'.

- Donald Smith, male


- For me, Mad Cobra's Flex has a slow, sensual beat and of course, the words of the song are instructional, so that's why I love it.

- Donna Moodie, female


- For sure, Bob Marley's Turn Your Lights Down Low, because I don't need to say much after, since the song already sets the tone and lets her know exactly what's up and what's about to happen.

- Noel Cunningham, male


- Falling In Love All Over Again by Buju Banton and Beres Hammond is my favourite because you don't want to forget the first time you fell in love, and this song makes you think back to the way you felt and the memories of it all - first time you saw each other, first time you kissed, hugged and spent an extended period of time together.

- Rochelle Haynes, female


- I would definitely have to pull for Tarrus Riley's She's Royal because that's what she is to me.

- Zanrick Wisdom, male


- Reggae Love by Dre Island explains the chemistry between my woman and me - how we operate, how we move around each other, how we love. Reggae Love is the musical definition of how she makes me feel. And the beat and the lyrics are just on point.

- Davion Smith, male


- Want A Natty by Turbulence and Sasha works for me the most because the song has good energy, it's nice beat for 'bubbling', and I appreciate the love in the message and the intensity that they had for each other, same like me and my boo.

- Zanya Henry, female.

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