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Illuminate with Glossy Glow

Published:Monday | July 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Glossy Glowed
Glossy Glowed
Glossy Glowed
Glossy Glowed
Glossy Glowed

The best thing about living in the tropics is being able to get sunkissed, glowing skin all year round. Many have travelled from halfway across the globe to experience what it is like to obtain that real Jamaican radiance that so many know and love. Imagine being able to create products that capture this experience while providing added benefits. This was the goal of young entrepreneur Antoinette Brown, owner of Glossy Glowed.

Glossy Glowed is an Illuminating Body Melt which adds sheen and shimmer to the skin giving it a beautiful glow. The product includes natural-pressed Jamaican coconut oil, shea butter, mica and it is also scented with different flavours such as pink sugar and melon. "We're excited about our upcoming new release which is a limited edition coming soon. The Glossy Glowed line also carries our scented cold-pressed Jamaican coconut oils," said Brown.

Always one to think ahead, Brown came up with the concept of creating her product from observing beauty trends. "Young women want beautiful, glowing skin but something more than just the regular sheen. I realised a lot of persons would use the hashtags "#glowing or #glowedup" on social media during carnival and summer seasons.The ladies all around are representing gorgeous, glowing skin. The universe just presented it to me on a platter and my sister Althea Walters of "My Goal Tracker" helped me to translate it from and idea to a business," said Brown, as she explained the motivation behind her product.

Brown recommends her product for females who are excited about glowing skin, tan lines, and melanin. This includes brides who want to glow on their wedding day, persons going to the beach, day and night parties, and not to mention carnival.

With its au naturel ingredients, Glossy Glow comes with several pluses. "The benefits of using Glossy Glowed are from both the coconut oil and shea butter. The products hydrate the skin, nourishes, moisturises and helps to get rid of hard, dry skin while leaving you Glossy and Glowed," said Brown.

Brown's innate creative spirit and mind is reflected in all areas of the business. She is very free-spirited and enjoys relaxing at the beach or exploring the countryside. "I want people to feel smooth and well-massaged after using Glossy Glowed. They should feel like royalty," she explained.

Glossy Glowed is available for delivery island wide. Visit Instagram: @glossy.glowed and Facebook: Glossy Glowed to view their catalogue. For more information Contact: 1 (876) 310-0644 or Email: