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Savour the specials at M10

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2020 | 12:18 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
The oxtail is among the favourites on the menu at M10 Bar and Grill.
The oxtail is among the favourites on the menu at M10 Bar and Grill.

There’s something heartwarming about indulging in a hot home-cooked meal that was freshly prepared at a restaurant. One eatery which prides itself on bringing you the very best in Jamaican flavour is M10 Bar and Grill.

Marketing consultant for M10, Suzanne Hendricks, explained to Food that because the restaurant was noted for themed nights, the team had continued to provide that offer but on a different scale, “Each day or weekends, we try to come up with something new that is exciting and pleasing to the palates of our foodies.”

Because of COVID-19, more promotional push has been placed on social media platforms so that persons can be more informed. That’s brought forth the idea to provide tasty daily specials. She gave a few examples of signature dishes on certain days. “On Fridays, we have barbecued pig’s tail, our newest addition to the menu. On Saturdays, we have our pasta special – shrimp or chicken pasta. And on Sunday, we have introduced a family deal, where you get a choice of a whole chicken, roast beef or roast pork. It is accompanied by mac and cheese, rice and peas, vegetables and plantain – that serves for six people,” she revealed. The reception, she says, has been good so far, with many looking forward to ordering their favourites or trying something new.

The biggest savoury sellers include oxtail, steamed fish, and curried goat, so these dishes are made each day, and others are added for the daily special. “We’re very flexible and we understand what people are going through at this time, so we try to cater to everybody. Once we are told of a request ahead of time, we will endeavour to accommodate it.”


With new management implemented in the last five to six months, M10 is working assiduously on improving its customer service in order to optimise the dining experience.

The food establishment has also capitalised on the pandemic by incorporating the specials into special occasions. “Recently, we had a successful drive-through Mother’s Day brunch. All mothers received a free mimosa.” She is encouraging persons to look out for the Father’s Day event as well. “Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Persons are sceptical, but since the curfew has been lifted a bit, we offer additional specials; like when you dine with us, you get a free ice cream. And of course, we offer delivery in the Corporate Area. We try to offer a free drink or a pastry with our specials and sell it as a package; people like deals. And we love people.”

You can visit the oasis at 6 Vineyard Town, or follow on social media, Instagram: @m10barandgrill for more information on the daily specials.