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'Thistles and thorns' - Dorcas Dobson shares secrets of 67 years of marriage

Published:Friday | December 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross/Gleaner Writer
Dorcas Estella Dobson and her husband, Seibert, are celebrating 67 years of marriage.

Dorcas Estella Dobson has described her marriage of 67 years as one filled with thistles and thorns, but it was her determination to live by the vow she made with the man she loves that helped to keep the relationship in check.

The elderly woman and her husband, Seibert Augustus Dobson, will celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 12.

The couple were guests at the prime minister's treat for senior citizens on Thursday at Jamaica House in St Andrew. The function also served well for teams from the National Identification System and the Registrar General's Department, registering many of those in attendance who have never had birth certificates.

Dorcas told The Gleaner that lack of respect in relationships as well as other women preying on husbands are factors that contribute to marriages not lasting these days.

"When you marry early, that is thistles and thorns. You have most trouble at that time because everybody wants your husband. I had trouble with him, inuh, but I tell everybody seh mi naa lef my husband. A me an him go before parson," she declared.

"You have to be strong on your feet, and you must learn to forgive. If you even go out and see your husband talking to somebody, you must not insult him."




Dorcas advised that children should never witness parents cursing each other.

"You have to wait until you calm to talk, and husband and wife must admit to their wrongs. When I am upset, I don't talk to him at that time because you don't know what the children might hear," she said.

Dorcas is also encouraging young couples to always bring home something for their spouses.

"If is even a sweetie, is a good practice," she quipped.

The 91-year-old is also advising wives not to watch their husbands.

"If he goes to a party, I don't watch him. He gets to dance with who he wants and vice versa. You will never get away from some men cheating. If a man don't cheat, there is something sneaky about him, but once you find out, he should not go back with that person. He doesn't argue with me," she told The Gleaner.

Her husband, Seibert, who is blind, recounted with laughter that from the start of their relationship and marriage, he grew very attached to Dorcas, "with no hope of escaping".