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Evergo eyes 150 EV charging stations by year end

Published:Wednesday | August 10, 2022 | 12:10 AM

Evergo Jamaica Limited is now eyeing suitable sites in St Thomas as it prepares to import an additional 44 electric vehicle charging stations over the next two months.

“Our intention is to have 150 chargers by year end,” Wayne McKenzie, president and chief executive officer of Evergo Jamaica Limited, said during an official signing ceremony on Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston, on Tuesday.

Petroleum Company of Jamaica (Petcom) was named Evergo's 26th partner.

Evergo's said it aimed to decrease “range anxiety” – concern about access to electric vehicle charging stations over long distances – by establishing a sufficient quantum of options for commuters.

McKenzie said that “the world is going electric”, emphasising that the company needed to forge partnerships with relevant partners to help the commuting public.

Of the more than 500 service stations in Jamaica, Evergo has, so far, installed 42 charging stations in 26 locations islandwide.

Petcom said it was pleased to join the initiative to decarbonise transportation.

Godfrey Boyd, chief executive officer of Petcom, said that the company “jumped at the offer” because it was part of its corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Increasing use of renewables would lessen the demand for hydrocarbon compounds, resulting in exorbitant oil prices being recorded since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the year-long spike in inflation.

“The more there is a demand for the US [dollar], it means that the price for the fuel that we sell at the pumps is going to go up,” Boyd said.

“The truth to be told, our contribution is to make sure that our environment is sustainable. Our health is our biggest wealth,” he added.

A total of three EV charging stations have been installed at St Catherine Petcom service stations - two in Portmore and one in Twickenham Park.