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Parliamentary committee to review job descriptions, code of conduct

Published:Wednesday | June 7, 2023 | 12:05 AM

DECLARING THAT it was important for Parliament to establish its own integrity, Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday announced plans to establish a parliamentary committee to review job descriptions and a code of conduct for ministers, parliamentarians and members of parliament.

In a statement to Parliament, Holness said that consultations have been held with the Opposition on the matter.

He said the committee would be named next week following which a full review of the job descriptions and code of conduct would be carried out.

“We hope that within short order we can establish a process where these job descriptions can be finalised and made public and become the template, the framework against which the execution of our duties can be judged by the public,” the prime minister said.

Leader of the Opposition Mark Golding said he was in favour with anything that would entrench integrity in the life of parliamentarians and hold parliamentarians accountable to the public.

He said the Opposition was prepared to engage constructively in this process.

Golding quipped that the “long overdue job descriptions” were received and would be reviewed by the Opposition.

In the wake of mounting public pressure over the massive salary increases approved for the political directorate and calls for an accountability framework, the Government has once again revisited the long-promised job descriptions and codes of conduct for Cabinet ministers and lawmakers.