Sat | May 30, 2020

Noel Dexter a mentor to all

Published:Wednesday | August 21, 2019 | 12:26 AM


For a choir director and music teacher, ‘Missa D’, as I called Noel Dexter, was as much about music education as he was about human relations and divine ministry.

In our often unplanned meetings with the Mona Campus Male Chorus, Missa D would emphasise how better we could work with, and for, each other. I would listen as he told me stories of his Portland boyhood and about the early days when he joined the University Singers, as one of two tenors, and how he had to wait for the second time around to join.


In-between his insistence that I listen (to the piano) and relax, I would mull over some of what he said. Missa D’s famous bits of advice was: “Your opinion of me is your business; my opinion of me is my business!” I laughed at that on the occasions I reflected on those words.

I will surely miss his generosity of spirit. Noel Dexter gave his time so freely, and was always willing to assist and develop talent. He was insistent on high standards in music. But he was also a friend and supporter, a father figure to many, and a mentor to even more.

I shall miss his encouragement to use music to develop a sense of community and achieve brotherhood and peace. His vision has always been about service.


Former President of the Mona Campus Male Chorus