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Free-for-all vending in St Andrew

Published:Friday | September 13, 2019 | 12:13 AM


Has anyone noticed the plethora of vendors on the sidewalks of St Andrew? It used to be that vendors would ply their wares on the main thoroughfares and more heavily trafficked areas of the city. Now, you can step outside your gate and encounter any number of vendors. I speak specifically of areas like Elizabeth and Edinburgh avenues, which seem to have become vending hotspots.

Yes, we know that where Elizabeth Avenue meets Red Hills Road, there are many businesses and we can somewhat tolerate the people who spring up to sell market goods, fish, fruits and the like, although we noticed that a long-standing coconut vendor was summarily removed from his accustomed position on Red Hills Terrace across from Burger King. We can see who has clout.

However, in the inner areas of the aforementioned avenues, we are seeing a trend of vendors selling apples, some selling guineps, ackees, and so on. This attracts vehicles that stop to patronise them. Some have set up their chairs and can be seen having their meals, and are dressed in any kind of garb. This is not pleasant for residents who must encounter this sight.

No, we are not fighting against poor/ghetto people, as in this economy, we are all poor. However, certain protocols must be observed, such as zoning laws. What is the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation doing? What is the Ministry of Local Government doing? This is poor governance when citizens are allowed to do whatever they want. Only anarchy and chaos can reign in this environment.