Sat | Jul 24, 2021

Letter of the Day | Work together to save our children

Published:Tuesday | June 30, 2020 | 12:16 AM


I am feeling overwhelmed by the effects of COVID-19 not only globally, but by the social fallout locally. I know the main ones are job losses, dwindling revenues, and the strain on the health sector, to name a few.

However, my deepest concern is its effect on local communities. I just read a report on the wanton, bestial sexual predators attacking our young, ages two to 10. Clarendon was highlighted as being a hotspot in this lockdown, with children not in school.

People, keep your eyes and ears open! Be vigilant! Each one, police the other! Take every complaint from a child as serious and report it. To the children, please talk up, scream, and make a noise if you are being harassed or attacked.

This needs a frontal attack from the families, community, the Church, the police, in fact, every organ of the State. We need to come together to save our children.

The other matter has to do with non-compliance of protocols. I am still seeing churchgoers not wearing masks in the sanctuary, some business outlets the same. In fact, Jamaicans seem to believe COVID-19 is not real.

Mr Prime Minister, I know you are pressured, but find a way to enforce mask wearing. Maybe another complete shutdown would drive home the seriousness.