Thu | Aug 6, 2020

Encourage Jamaicans living abroad to return home

Published:Tuesday | July 7, 2020 | 12:14 AM


I would like to know what are the policies put in place by the Jamaican Government to encourage Jamaicans who are living overseas, and their first-generation foreign-born children, to return and live in Jamaica?

Are there possibilities for them to buy land and build homes at an affordable rate, in addition to starting businesses that will create jobs in Jamaica?

There is a lot of valuable educational wealth among this large group; wealth that should be shared in Jamaica.

Unfortunately, there are some negative perceptions:

1. Returning residents are targeted for crimes.

2. Life in Jamaica would be too hard for returning residents to live in.

3. We are considered outsiders and not welcomed, even though we have Jamaican roots.

What is Jamaican Government doing to help those who would like to return to Jamaica and encourage us to do so?

I would recommend that the Government host a forum, to open up a dialogue and have a discussion on this topic. Other countries in Africa, such as Ghana, are opening up channels to black Americans to live there. This could be a great opportunity for Jamaica to do this for its people living abroad.