Thu | Sep 24, 2020

Kensington ruling is most unconventional

Published:Monday | August 3, 2020 | 12:11 AM


The recent Supreme Court ruling in the case of the seven-year-old Kensington Primary School student has left many numb. What kind of society are we trying to create? Is it an artificial one with people being more acceptable with creamed hair and bleached faces?

The ruling is one of the most unconventional rulings in our neocolonial era.

Were we given cream to put in our hairs to look like the white men under the laws of nature? We need more critical thinkers.

My younger brother began locking his hair two and a half decades ago, but he knew the system would not tolerate his new outlook on life. He began disseminating information to his students before he decided to migrate, where it was never a problem to grow his hair naturally. Why can’t we accept our natural existence without having to face discrimination?

People are now confused. We need to know what is the right step to take to become a productive and a well cultured society. Our forefathers made a lot of sacrifices to pave the path for liberation and redemption.

The air needs to be cleared by the Government and some solutions recommended. The critical question is, what can be done to secure a voice for the voiceless who are under great duress?


West Kensington