Tue | Jan 26, 2021

We must stop the ‘talk, talk’ and start to ‘DO, DO!’

Published:Thursday | November 26, 2020 | 12:05 AM


The very few Jamaicans who still grieve over heinous murders, such as the triple killing in St Catherine on Sunday, are not the ones who need to take heed. Those who come on the airwaves and on TV and vent anger are not the ones killing their fellow Jamaicans. The killers don’t listen to talk show hosts and opinion makers.

I have lived here all my life and from as far as I can recall, we have been lamenting the murder statistics in Jamaica to no avail. I keep saying that I do not think any government has the will or even a clue about how to curb crime. We have been making useless crime plans for years ... they have not worked. I have stopped paying attention because three of my relatives have been murdered and “a no nutten”.

If governments had the answer, I would not be writing this, and if they had the will they would certainly do it. After all, what will become of the multibillion-dollar private security business if and when crime stops? With what will they replace the guns and bullets that are still allowed into this country by those tasked to keep them out? We talk ad nauseam about the problem in our usual nine-day wonder fashion only to move on to the next headline-grabbing fiery road accident, flood damage or politically created scandal. I want to see the one(s) who will summon the courage to bell this cat. It’s time for uncivil society talking heads to put up or shut up.

When will we the people get mad enough to create facilities in each parish to grab the youth pon de corners into programmes and courses that will engage their minds, brains and hands? Who is going to be brave enough to make this appear sexier to them than the lure of gangs and crime?

Finally, when will people who bring children into the world take it as their sacred duty to be real parents? The type who is accountable for the child’s life from morning till night. But better yet – when will we have the kinds of adults who look into the financial, physical and other consequences of what it takes to be responsible for a life before they decide to bring children into this world?