Thu | Jul 7, 2022

Readers’ reactions – Sun, sea, sand, forsaken

Published:Monday | May 9, 2022 | 12:08 AM

Erosion, lack of sanitary conveniences, littering spoil public beaches

“The dilapidated condition of our beaches is not just Government’s neglect. But some of our people are just too nasty and destructive. A people without civic pride and basic decency sometimes are their own worst enemy. Jamaicans, from top to bottom, need a mental shift.” – Lindel Mc Cormack

“Put garbage cans every 20-30 feet in public areas, including the beach. That’s common sense and civic just that in public areas.” – Beverly Brown -Sands

“Daily, they bash the bauxite/alumina industry that offer real technical and skilled, very high-paying jobs.” – williams00

“Let’s start from square one. No garbage receptacles, or relatively few, at some of these public beaches...whose fault is this?” – King

“[The quote by Carolyn Cooper] ‘My concern is that the history of our society, starting with the enslavement of African people, is a history that shows that black people were not supposed to enjoy leisure. We were conceived as beasts of burden,’ she said. Now, what in heavens name does slavery and Africa have to do with Jamaicans not being able to freely enjoy beaches in Jamaica in 2020? SMH.” – Coretta Burgess

“Come on, wake up everyone. Our Gov’t has sold the best beaches and they are private, and most of the freebies are filled from your neighbours’ nasty, lazy, so-called adulthood attitude, like ‘Someone will clean it up later.’ Look at what they do with their garbage; they throw it in the gullies. And when the floods come they are the first to squawk about it.” – Peejay the original

“If all beaches were a free for all, it would hurt the industry in a most negative way. If you have to ask, how? You don’t know how a small minority of us behaves.” – Clirey