Thu | Jul 7, 2022

Excuse to murder?

Published:Wednesday | May 11, 2022 | 12:06 AM


For many years, a few Jamaican citizens have reverted to jungle justice as a form of punishment for wrongdoings. In the latter portion of 2021, residents of St Thomas scoured the bushy surroundings in search of accused abductor and rapist Davian Bryan, who allegedly kidnapped two young girls. In their search for Bryan, residents of St Thomas killed one male said to be of unsound mind; this was dubbed a case of mistaken identity.

Now, fast-forward to May 2022. One man is dead and a family left to pick up the pieces after yet another case of mistaken identity. Chieftain Campbell, 62, died from injuries he received after he was beaten by a crowd on lower Manchester Road. Mr Campbell was a few days away from his wedding; he was looking to marry the love of his life but, unfortunately, that day will never be a reality.

For generations, we the descendants of Africa have cried, protested and demanded better, to be treated in a humane manner after suffering at the hands of colonizers. But we continue to ‘lynch’ each other, even to the point of wrongful death. Was it right for those who hated us for the colour of our skin to lynch us? No. But it seems to be right for us to do it to each other.

I question the motive behind these actions of ours as a people: is it justice we seek from a system that we can’t trust? Or are we seeking an excuse to commit murder?

An intruder invades your home and in protecting yourself and family, unfortunately the intruder dies. This is an act of self-defence, but what is the justification in some of the lynching that takes place here in Jamaica?


Sad to say, many of us are just looking for an excuse to fulfil the desires of our wicked thoughts, and should be charged for murder with these extrajudicial killings done in the name of community justice.

As a nation, we must evolve from this tribalistic mindset and allow law and order to reign, imperfect as it may be. In a civilized society, one must respect the sanctity of life, cherish what it means to be human, respect the law and its purpose.

In addition, our Government and judicial system need to be improved to not only impact the poor, but the wealthy alike. True justice comes when even the prime minister can be imprisoned for crimes committed.

God bless Jamaica, land we love.


Wesleyan Holiness Church