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Talkback Thursday | Respect for soldiers eroding

Published:Thursday | May 12, 2022 | 12:07 AM

The Gleaner on Tuesday asked its social media followers about their thoughts on the recent clashes between residents of Denham Town and the soldiers enforcing the zones of special operations. Below are their views.

The residents decided to take on the soldiers as if they are policemen. Them get too familiar with the soldiers now. Respect gone.


Take out the police and soldiers and leave them to fend for themselves. U never hear them voice or see them face when them son and man killing people.


Dem need to detain everyone who was out there against the security forces. 90 days detention at hard labour busting up rocks. Or cleaning the streets, or working on a government farm.


The soldiers were heavy-handed. That said, they were clearly being provoked and harassed. There needs to be clear rules as it relates to interaction between the JDF soldiers and members of the public. I also don’t know if we should be asking the military to perform police functions. The military is a fighting force designed and trained to use lethal force in times of armed conflict. Properly trained police officers and psychologists should be leading the interactions with the public with the JDF being there to provide lethal support if that is needed.

Bruce Smith

Denham Town always spells trouble against the security force. They are in a class by themselves.

Paulette Stephenson

Jamaica has become a bedlam of indiscipline.

Joanita Martin

The respect with which certain persons had for the military is slowly eroding. This is due to the fact that soldiers are currently performing roles which they’re not trained for and the fact that the public has become more familiar with these men.

Lewis Lewis

Oh really? Those people are so lawless they have no respect for the law only the no-good gunman that is sending them out to dis the law of the land.

Beverley Baker

Lawlessness in the country is at an all time high and should not be tolerated. The pregnant woman who confronted the soldier was wrong. The woman driving on Chisholm and Maxfield Ave yesterday disobeying police orders was wrong. Both got another day when it could’ve been their last. Discipline them.

Donna Clarke

What if the residents stay out of the way of the soldiers and not try impede them doing the job they requested of the soldiers? Imagine even pregnant woman attacking soldiers. Perhaps they should be left alone to their own fate.

Kenrick Johnson

I don’t think the residents there are uncivilised people so the military have to find a way to deal with the people them there, likewise, the people them there should appreciate the military personnel and respect them too.

Rolin Coley

Soldiers are trained to be in control of themselves and their actions, even when all around are losing theirs. We also had a culture of never ever kicking a woman. How did we get to the place where people are celebrating a soldier kicking a pregnant woman? A soldier is supposed to be very disciplined and controlled. There are no excuses. Is the new leadership at the JDF so weak that these men are doing as they please

– @dangabbi1