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Letter of the Day | Decisive action needs to be taken against strikes

Published:Saturday | May 14, 2022 | 12:06 AM


I accept the necessity for collective bargaining and the organised representation of workers’ rights. While strikes and industrial action are not uncommon, even in developed economies, I cannot understand or support the shutting down of the country’s commercial, social, educational and emergency infrastructure in a wanton and irresponsible manner, without regard for the negative implications for the country as a modern, developing economy, heavily dependent on external trade. And, further, creating the legacy of a disorganised, Third World, Banana Republic which will make us unattractive for investment and tourism.

This kind of kindergarten antics must be corrected. Locking down the country’s water supply overnight and, in quick succession, its airspace, is unacceptable and demands decisive action from the legislature and governmental executive. Accountability must be demanded from the heads of agencies responsible, up to, and including, separation, if they cannot run the departments in a manner which predicts and mitigates the devastating impacts of workers’ unease. It should not stop there, for, if the governmental executive has found him or herself in an extended slumber, there is also the need for reorganisation.

It is obligatory and sacrosanct that the government honour its commitments to the civil service and facilitate an environment of trust and respect in communication. However, the mob already has the upper hand against the police. Will the healthcare system be next to be brought to its knees? Our vulnerable economy, which is sustained by conditions and realities outside our borders and control, has been on the backfoot for 24 months and we appear intent on killing off any opportunity for an early return to stability.

Something has to give!


Montego Bay, St. James