Thu | Oct 6, 2022

Letter of the Day | Sympathising with criminals stifling Jamaica

Published:Friday | May 20, 2022 | 12:07 AM


Throughout history, Jamaica has proven itself to be a nation with some of the most intelligent, talented, and hard-working individuals in the world. However, our country has always been held back due to indiscipline, lack of structure, corruption, and horrible leadership, regardless of the political party in power. Jamaica is seemingly a breeding ground for thieves, child molesters, rapists and murderers. Not surprisingly, the Jamaican Constitution allows this with its various loopholes within its system, which are all easily exploited by ill-intentioned individuals and the criminal forces.

In Jamaica, criminals have poisoned many good communities, and have toxic relationships with them. Due to this, many community members end up defending these criminals, because a lot of these community members benefit from them. These are the same persons who, without a second thought, would gladly take their lives. It should come as no surprise when law enforcement tries to remove these criminals, that the members of some of these communities will only make the job harder for law enforcers by trying to obstruct justice in various ways.

Who you are in the country will determine how you are treated in regard to crime. Although Jamaicans may say they are against rape, child molestation, theft, and murder, if their favourite politician, recording artiste or celebrity does it, they will turn a blind eye or say that it is the system that is trying to work against them. Yet, when in prison, it is the very system that allows these artistes to continuously make songs and a lot of these alleged murderers to unceasingly carry out their criminal activities from behind bars.

We need to seriously re-evaluate the idea of trying to change criminals and, instead, put taxpayers’ dollars to better use by properly aiding victims of these crimes. Criminals need to be punished; not sympathised with. A lot of these predators are killing for fun, competition and power, which means that they have already lost their humanity and see no benefit in changing. These criminals at the top and lower levels of the Jamaican society do not fear law enforcement, because they know that there will always be away around the weak justice system in our country.

Sadly, Jamaica is a country that suffers from systematic corruption; and unless serious action is taken to destroy corruption from its root, the country will only continue to suffer.