Thu | Oct 6, 2022

Our leaders must be held accountable for their tenure

Published:Thursday | July 7, 2022 | 12:06 AM


We are a nation in crisis blinded by the politics of denial. We see the stark reality of the crisis but because of our politics and the benefits we derive from such politics we turn a blind eye as our dearly beloved Jamaica plunges further down the abyss of no return.

How can the people of a country across all demography and gender not be safe in places of worship, schools, workplaces and public spaces!?

How can a country’s total export earnings not be enough to pay its food or energy bill!?

If that is not enough to raise our stress decibel to dangerous levels, then what about our corruption levels that eat away more than 10 per cent of our gross domestic product?

Our corruption levels are even more frightening when a majority of the people see this government, its agencies and agents as the most corrupt in our history, yet more than 50 per cent of those same people did not even bother to turn up at the polls.

The present crisis is a fiscal, political and governance issue and should be used as a yardstick to determine (whether) the government of the day should continue to hold the reins of power any longer.

Incumbency matters, and our leaders, the executive and legislature must be held accountable for their tenure.

Accountability must be a factor in the ballot box and we as a people must exercise that right and be prepared to go out and vote.


(former councillor)