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Published:Monday | September 26, 2022 | 12:06 AM

No death penalty for Cocoa Piece killer Rushane Barnett


Now the Queen is dead we need to be removed from under the British justice system and these laws reviewed. I think as citizens we need to hold our votes from these political parties until we hear some serious discussion on this matter. Our lives are no longer valuable and it won’t get any better until some harsh measures or jungle justice takes effect. – @Princess Allen

The laws that govern this land gives the heartless a right to continue feeling as if they are untouchable, but I say to our house slaves, be mindful of the message you send to the persons who have no respect for life. – @Poiison Ivy

I am so upset about the sentence that the boy Barnett. The prosecutor should have never given him a plea bargain. He took five lives and only got life in prison with the eligibility of parole after 60 years. With his crime he should have got at least two life sentence and 100 years. This is a slap in the citizens of Jamaica faces, not to mention the young lady’s mother and the children’s grandmother. – @Headley Robinson

Death is too quick and too easy a way out for him. Let him spend his days haunted and suffering for this heinous crime. Hope he finds no rest and is flooded with nightmares every time he closes his eyes. – @Mishel Gill

Jamaican citizens have to contend with the fact that Jamaica is a place that a person can be murdered and nothing becomes of it, no punishment becomes of it. All your murderer have to do is plead guilty, and his or her life is spared. Think about it! – @Milton Grace


So irrespective of how heinous the crime, just plead guilty and you’re automatically entitled to credit. Hogwash ... ­­– @millie.clarke.146

Can’t blame the DPP on this one, these laws need to change. You know how me did well waah see him pon a lightpole a morning. KMT – @sanjay_football10

Guys don’t worry the other prisoners that are eating our tax money will fix him in prison! He’s a child and woman killer trust me them ago fix him business! – @saje_sm

Y’all had a chance to make an example and change the regime, but alas, justice being served it not a part of the 2030 vision. God and God alone can save and protect the people. – @indeeras

Compiled by Kashauna Atkins