Thu | Feb 9, 2023

Jamaica needs more utility companies

Published:Monday | December 5, 2022 | 7:02 AM


We, a group of eight retired professionals, who are still standing on our feet at 80- and 90-plus years, have always wondered why the ‘C’ in NWC (National Water Commission) stands for ‘commission’. We think the word ‘commission’ has kept them on an exhibition level and the office worker as commissioners were never given a job description.

We have heard the same story of the low rainfall, the storms and, more than all, the ever-shifting dams. We have suffered for more than 50 years and as we bow out, we suggest we bring in other utility companies. We need more companies, for we have progressed. Get help from Cuba, United States and Israel. Have other water companies to come and operate here, so that our grandchildren no longer have to carry water on their heads in 2023.

This is a call for action for the prime minister and the Government, to help us to move with the times as we have in other areas. Meanwhile, NWC’s name must be changed to NWS as we get other water services.

The time has come.