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Our mongrels are good ambassadors

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2023 | 12:39 AM


I too am saddened by the passing of Princess Pauline. (See Jamaican mongrel dies in Canada in the The S tar). Only last year January, we were delighted to see Pauline suited and booted for the Canadian winter. But on May 30, she was felled by a tumour.

Pauline is one of 144 mongrels who flew to Canada on March 13, 2021, via charter. This trip was made possible through the collaboration of Tammy Browne of Montego Bay Animal Haven and Save our Scruff, a non-profit animal rescue organisation in Canada.

All 144 found forever homes. They have been good ambassadors. Have we heard any complaints about inadaptability? Have we heard any complaints about any of them running off?

These Royal Caribbean terriers have set an excellent example for us. They are not undocumented citizens.

But the larger issue is the general attitude of Jamaicans to dogs. How many of us can commiserate with the owners of Pauline in their bereavement? We hit down dogs when we could easily have saved them. Their corpses lie on the road for days.

Give your child a puppy as a birthday gift. I am convinced that if many of our youth in the inner cities were taught to care for a pet, we wouldn’t have the murders we now have. If we can respect the life of a dog, we will respect life in general.

Let us look at the countries where dogs have some status and we will see that these are the countries that are doing well in so many areas, including economically. And we don’t understand. We think that the people love their dogs more than humans. Far from it! But a dog is not just a dawg.

I often say, “Give me a dog any day!” Give me a mongrel any day. I have two Royal Caribbean terriers that I love and I bask in their affection. If they are sick, I’m out of sorts. I value their loyalty. I wouldn’t give up their welcome when I get home for anything.

We really need a change in mindset in so many areas, including the way we treat animals in general and dogs in particular.

Hats off to our Royal Caribbean terriers!