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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | June 9, 2023 | 12:38 AM

Impossible Task – Former PNP chairman dismisses calls for job descriptions for members of parliament

“There are metrics that can be used.” – @sherryoptin

“He has some valid points. I believe there can be a standard guide, like a curriculum. MP’s job will all be different based on constituency, constituents, and the culture that exists. One cap can’t fit all. I’ll never teach the way another teacher does, but we can get the same results.” – @kheryberry

“I agree to some extent. What is the intent behind this job descriptions?” – @Goodone67897289

“Nothing is impossible. They need job descriptions. We need to hold them accountable!” – @shaunzonlybreal

“That job description will be the longest ever.” – @Anthony98386484

“One thing I would like to see is a stipulation where MPs should live within their constituency, or they have to be present within their respective constituency for at least 60 hours each week.” – @the3greatdane

“If we ask the average worker if his/her official job description aptly corresponds with the actual volume and extent of work they currently do, a good number would say no. They do far more than their strict job description prescribes. It likely would be no different for MPs.” – @Zemi66

“MPs must bring investments to the constituency, local and external. MPs must lobby for aid and grant money, local NGO, overseas. MPs must lead circular economic development. Add the rest.” – @AndreDun001876

“They should have a job description. How else can your performance be evaluated?” – @ODnugent

“Why do these boomers not allow the younger political activists to thrive in this age of politics? You guys messed up big time.” – @ForeveryoungFi1

“Can’t pay $26 million without job description.” – @browngriselda53

“Comrades coming out strong against their party positions in these last few days.” – @ThisisPreki

“Every job should have a job description and a salary commensurate with experience, competency and track record of deliverables.” – @OnPointPress_

“Each MP must have a manifesto/plan for his/her constituency. Ultimately, this is what they are accountable for. Bind them to their promises. A job description is an excuse to pay exorbitant salaries reserved for private & permanent employees. MPs are neither.” – @tafyou

“Some good points made, but at the constituency level some things are standard; certain meetings you should attend, disbursement and use of development fund. No two are the same, but certain things are common across areas.” – @CreativeCMDER

“Good thing him gone, need to get rid of all the old-timers who [are] still there that think like this.” – @Christi_Satire

“Not impossible, but will it be relevant? Voters can vote out an MP for any reason they choose when the election comes around, but what is going to be put in place for accountability between elections?” – @ScottRobinsonJA

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.