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Rise up! - Pastor wants denominational walls torn down

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMJanet Silvera/ Senior Gleaner Writer
Pastor Mary Wildish


Sounding a clarion call to Jamaican churches, Trumpet Call Ministries the Pastor Reverend Mary Wildish wants the denominational walls in the country torn down in order to fight the satanic movement she says is raging war on the country.

"We are calling on the nation to come together and to say that there are more with us in the Kingdom of Light than there are in the Kingdom of Darkness," Wildish appealed to a gathering that included the security forces, members of the Minister's Fraternal and the business community in Montego Bay on Monday morning.

The vocal minister was also sounding the call for the upcoming Supernatural Encounter, with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, which takes place at the Montego Bay Convention Centre April 20 to 21.

"Satanic altars exist inside this city. Many of those that are in the gangs are drawing on demonic powers - Satanism, the occult, witchcraft - and are connected to satanic movements on a global level," Wildish stated, adding that the Church must be awakened because it cannot be in competition anymore.

Wildish's statements relating to altars and demonic worshipping were confirmed by Colonel Daniel George Pryce, who confirmed that several of the gangs in the western city were involved in Illuminati; and were worshipping from the Sigil of Baphomet , which is the official insignia of the Church of Satan.

He said an altar was found in St James. However, he did not name the community where the find was made. The gunmen are also wearing certain types of guard rings, he noted.

Wildish has obviously not taken the information lightly and is calling on churches to desist from backbiting and slandering one another.




"This is the time. Our nation is in crisis. This is the time. The battle must be spiritual because the gun cannot kill a demon, neither can an arrow kill a principality," she argued, noting that the army of Christ must arise against the other army that resides in the country.

"The weapons that we carry are different. The Bible says the weapons that we carry are not carnal. Weapons of our warfare are mighty in God."

The Trumpet Call minister is calling for two weeks of fasting in advance of the Supernatural Encounter, which will also include a miracle crusade at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre.

"From Morant Point to Negril Point, we are proclaiming fasting and praying from Monday, March 19 to April 2 because the battle we are raging is not against flesh and blood."