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Brothers enjoy facilities at Puerto Seco Beach

Published:Friday | September 14, 2018 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill/Senior Gleaner Writer

It can be a fulfilling but overwhelming experience serving at the Missionaries of the Poor, the Jamaica-based religious institute of brothers that offers free services to persons in need.

The Missionaries of the Poor was founded in 1981 (originally called the Brothers of the Poor) by Father Richard Ho Lung to serve the poorest of the poor in Jamaica.

They maintain six mission homes for destitute persons, including the abandoned sick, disabled, or dying men, women, infants, and children. Outside of Jamaica, they also operate in India, the Philippines, Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, and the United States.

At times, they do take a much-needed break, and recently, 21 brothers at the Missionaries of the Poor, St Joseph community, based in Stony Hill, St Andrew, enjoyed a fun-filled day at the recently renovated Puerto Seco Beach in St Ann.

According to Joey Albert Rogel, organiser of the trip to Puerto Seco Beach, they had a fantastic time at the facility. "When we get a break, we spend some time together participating in recreational activities. It is a part of our fellowship and we would recommend the facility to everyone," he said.

"The accommodation was wonderful and the hospitality amazing. The brothers certainly enjoyed their time there," Rogel said.

Once listed among the top 10 beaches in the world, the Puerto Seco Beach faced years of improper waste management and pollution on the property and in the water, which saw it deteriorate considerably.

After a successful bid by Guardsman Group in leasing the property, the facility was brought back to its former glory, with the last two years spent working towards making it a world-class, family-friendly facility welcoming visitors and Jamaicans alike.