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St Catherine North police erect monument in honour of deceased members

Published:Wednesday | November 14, 2018 | 10:04 AMRasbert Turner/ Gleaner Writer
The monument erected by the St Catherine North Police Division in honour of fallen members.

The St Catherine North Police Division has erected a monument to honour five of its members who died last year.

Head of the division, Senior Superintendent Beau Rigabie, says the monument is part of a gesture to show respect to fallen members.

“It was while planning a church service for the division that Sergeant Simone Fyffe said the monument could be most meaningful to all concerned," said Rigabie.

He noted that the monument became a reality through the artistic endeavour of District Constable Paul Napier.

"It was a great feeling when we presented small tokens to the family members of the dead cops who turned out to the unveiling which bear the names of their loved ones," added Rigabie.

"When the idea was put to me, I didn't hesitate to built the monument which I think is a very good gesture,” Napier told The Gleaner.

Those whose names are etched on the monument are: District Constable Duran Smith, Sergeant Melville Ellington, constables Dean Hinds, Damian Newman, and Jamie Lee Robinson.

There are plans to upgrade the monument with pictures of the dead cops.

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