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Little People Big Moves - Aliyanna McLennon - DJ extraordinaire

Published:Friday | December 28, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
DJ Ali on show recently at an event.
The talented Aliyanna Mclennon.
Aliyanna with her gymnastics awards.

Mandeville, Manchester
She is not just making boss moves in academics and extracurricular activities, but at any event that she is booked for you can find little Aliyanna on the turntables creating a vibe and doing what she says come naturally to her - being a disc jockey.

One wouldn't automatically assume, upon seeing her, that this little fire cracker has this much skill. But she does and she loves everything about her abilities to exceed even her own expectations and that of those around her.

"My cousin who is a DJ taught me how to DJ. He taught me over a few days and once I got the hard parts, everything became easy for me. I believe we all can do anything once we believe we can," she told The Gleaner.

Drawing is another one of Aliyanna passions, but above that is moving about acrobatically and winning awards.
"Most of my awards are from gymnastics. I have gold medals, silver medals, trophies and a golden gymnast title. I want to be like Simone Byles when I grow up and represent Jamaica.

I have also been on the honour roll at school. I try to do my best to get good grades and to be good in what I do and that means studying hard and working hard," she beamed.

Aliyanna, who is also the reigning queen in the Mini Miss Manchester pageant, said she hopes to continue her trend of giving to the less fortunate, but in an even bigger way.
"I wish I could go on TV or on the news and tell people to give back. I'll be giving away some of my toys this Christmas.

In the future, I want to build a big house for all the children who have no one and I also want to be a paediatrician, so I can help children who are sick. I have a soft spot for all the people who have it hard in life."
Aliyanna said it is also her hope, too, that every individual knows what love is, the kind that her mommy shows her, especially during this festive season.