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Talkback Tuesday

Published:Wednesday | May 22, 2019 | 12:31 AM
Sydenham Citizens' Association bank book showing lodgement of Petrojam donation and subsequent withdrawals.
Sydenham Citizens' Association bank book showing lodgement of Petrojam donation and subsequent withdrawals.

Yesterday, readers responded to The Gleaner’s lead story ‘$9m money trail’:


If MOCA is still unable to verify if the $9 million donated by Petrojam was spent as indicated by Uylett, then how do we expect them to solve huge money-laundering crimes ? Even bungling Keystone Kops would have long ago gotten to the bottom of this. – @denjamdown

See the evidence deh! There shall be weeping and mourning and gnashing of teeth ... . Oh, forgot, that’s reserved for poor people. – @Smufbear1

The people responsible for all of this should be put in prison to rot. This ‘Petrojam situation’ has been dealt with too loosey goosey. The people of the country also need to talk against this because we are the ones it impacts the greatest. – @saski_wilkx

Uylett and Grindley are in plain sight. Just sign the extradition warrants and get this matter closed. KMT. – @JamLivity

All these people were comfortable doing these things under the PNP and did not hesitate to carry on under this govt, until someone lost out and turn over the whole pot – @Mikey01974692

Petrojam - The feeding tree – @BOOMDASHILUSJO

Donation money and you can’t show what it was spent for? How silly... – @glenfordwilliam

Petrojam is the gift that keeps on giving literally. When will it stop? – @KhiaJosina

The orange jumpsuits that prisoners wear sometimes, are they made locally or imported? Just wanted to make sure there are enough supplies on hand. – @Zemi66

Am I hearing jail bars clang? Cuz if no one is going to jail for these things then don’t waste my time. – @ladygj

These criminals need to go to jail – @pops52912591

What about a forensic audit? – @be_like_Brooks


This is one of the things we should be out in the streets protesting about. This is rather funny tho: poor people are encouraged to be honest and to show integrity while those at the helm championing such statements are all up in the cookie jar with them friends. – Hashirama Senju

Wow ... This means Sydenham have a state-of-the-art centre? U know how much likkle basic school want some help, toilet, proper play areas, computers ... . it would a take only one of those withdrawals to help enuh ... . only 1. – Tiffany Howlett

Some people will go to extreme means to live a life of prosperity. Someone needs to be held accountable for the misappropriation of public funds. Enough is enough. – Angela Rosa Lee

Is here suh 2 sah suh no invoice fi the materials? N no log of payment made? Even if it was cash payment they still need to sign for the amount they got n the date just like on any site. Mek him come n then he can get some new bangles! No estimate yet 9 Mil dish out n all now mi caan hear bout mi #badgas money weh mi submit how much invoice fah! Jamaica nuh real at all... – Ju-Ju Sweetie

We need to have a special commission set up who is going to hold these ppl accountable for issues such as this. Any misfunding from the prime minister to the small man … . How can this money just walk out bank account and nobody is held accountable for it .. ? – Mesha Taylor

So who is going to prison? Andrew Holness promised to be a different kind of leader. Where is the accountability? Someone needs to go to prison for this. This is beyond belief. Daring highway robbery. The taxpayers of Jamaica have had enough from these crooks. We need accountability NOW !!!! – Chris Whilby

The account has only two persons who could withdraw the money and one say him never sign nothing, and the other is saying something else, so I’m still waiting for the truth, go see how man did a bathe inna money till story come to bump. – Paulette Jackson


Obvious corruption, so I guess Jamaicans can expect little to come out of it. The more obvious the cases, the less predictable the outcome? Three withdrawals on the same day 2 on another, what work or project could justify that? How can the most honourable Andrew Michael Holness still have Andrew Wheatley representing this constituency? – @testedandproven876