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Hanover set to benefit from new housing development

Published:Monday | December 2, 2019 | 12:11 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer

The housing stock in Hanover is set to increase with the opening of phase one of the Oceanpointe Housing Scheme in the parish early next year.

Senior Project Manager for Cascade Group’s Infinite Concrete Limited, Edward Depass, says that 400 units are to be made available under the project in February 2020. Infinite is constructing for developers Scenic Developments Limited.

An upbeat Depass said that it took almost two years to garner approvals for the project, but despite the various hurdles, which included environmental safety concerns, the development is positioned to provide affordable housing solutions to the market.

“We strongly believe that affordable housing does not have to turn into what other developers allow them to, with unregulated building taking place,” said Depass.

“That will not happen in our developments. We plan to do a structured build out from where we are with 1,300 more houses going back towards Montego Bay, on both sides of the road, from the level that we are at now, which is approximately from a J$15-million house up to a $30-million house, over the next seven years.”

Necessary approvals

Depass said that all the necessary approvals have been received for other planned developments slated to take place. He added that strict control measures will be implemented by purchasers, who can rely on restrictive covenants contained in their property titles and strict by-laws.

“What normally happens [is that], most other developers in Jamaica try to control it (illegal building within developments) with by-laws. By-laws tend not to have a lot of teeth. Our restrictive covenants will be endorsed on the titles, so you cannot go around it,” noted Depass.

The company’s other housing developments include Grenada in Kingston; Westport in Freeport, Montego Bay; Tara Estates in Reading, Montego Bay; and Sanctuary in Freeport, Montego Bay.

The company’s résumé also includes commercial developments across St James, including the Fairview Shopping Centre, Fairview Town Centre; ATL Trade Centre and MegaMart in Catherine Hall.

“The parish needs direct investment, not just from the tourism industry, but by creating new jobs to serve the influx of residents we plan to bring in with our various projects,” said Depass, in expressing that the development will help to attract more business to Lucea.

Garey Whittaker, the president of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce, said that while he was appreciative of the level of increased commerce that the development will bring to the parish, the project will also help to provide a more lucrative environment for business operations.