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Running a business with jus’ your fingertips

Published:Sunday | March 29, 2020 | 12:29 AM
Demola Cunningham
Demola Cunningham

Jus’ imagine a world that is so technologically advanced, you don’t have to physically go into your business place to interact with clients. A world that has become infected with a new, mysterious virus that’s more viral than memes or Tic Toc videos that you are forced to practically do everything in the virtual space.

Oh right, we’re actually living that reality now because of COVID-19.

As technology becomes more advanced and smart devices become smarter, virtually every business today has the capability to efficiently operate on an online platform, which has completely changed the game of running a business.

Provided you have the skill sets to properly navigate and utilise the right digital platforms, it’s now so much easier and convenient to operate on a global scale.

How? Think about it. Prior to social media, businesses had to rely on cost-heavy, time-consuming content for limited advertising slots. For example:

- Flyers/newspaper advertisements

- Radio/television advertisements

- Newsletters/postal mail

These were the main methodologies on which businesses once solely relied to communicate to the masses.

Nowadays, using social media, email marketing, and other online advertising tools, companies can reach hundreds! No, thousands! No, millions! In fact, billions across the globe … all with jus’ your fingertips!


Billions of people worldwide are in the social-media space for hours at a time every single day. Studies have shown that the average person spends a minimum of two hours on social media every day – Facebook and Instagram being the top picks for consumers. These two social-media platforms have implemented advertising capabilities for businesses that basically give access to their entire user database (depending on targeting methodologies).

So think about it: you can literally communicate or advertise to billions ... all with jus’ your fingertips.

You may be saying some of your clients are the trendy and hip but old-fashioned type who prefer a more direct and personable approach. Well, don’t forget that digital mailing service called emails! A well-designed, crafted and typed letter can be sent directly to your client’s personal device.

You may now be wondering who will personally email each individual client, especially if you have a vast database. Two words: ‘email marketing’ – just like the accessibility you get from social-media platforms’ advertising tools. Using email marketing will still allow you to mass communicate with clients in a more tailored and personable manner … all with jus’ your fingertips.

The keys to effectively utilising email marketing services are: collecting and organising data.

Be sure to find creative ways to collect the necessary data you need from your clients without coming off too nosy!

Organising the data received is equally important – for example: the customer contact information can be stored and saved in a specific file type and uploaded to an email marketing platform of your choice, and just like that, you can send out a perfectly tailored digital letter to your clients.

So, jus’ ask yourself:

1. How are you running your business?

2. Do you have the right content?

3. What is the content saying?

4. How well is your business adopting to the game-changing that technology brings?

5. How are you utilising these tools to your advantage?

6. How well do you know the platforms?


Social media/online platforms provide a range of diverse potential clients, but if you’re not targeting the right audience, it will be like fishing without bait. There’s a chance you might get a bite, but the probability will be low.

You need a tailored social-media strategy to reel in the right audience suited for your business. Algorithms, geographical data, and some wit in the content are some of the focuses you need to keep in mind (along with a resourceful social media or digital marketing expert – unless you’ve taken on that role yourself).

Although these two innovative digital social services and platforms – social media and email marketing – allow you to run your business without too much hassle, it doesn’t meansit ends there. E-commerce, web-based advertising services, even the traditional means of advertising (despite how tedious and high budget it may be) could be the marketing tools that make your business the next household brand name.

Effective and convenient ways to run your business aren’t a figment of an entrepreneur’s imagination anymore. Get acquainted with the digital tools, find yourself a social media manager, a digital marketing consultant, or take some online digital courses and start running your business with jus’ your fingertips.

Digital and social media marketing companies, such as It’s JUS Marketing @itsjusmarketing, offer many of the services and training companies will need to be highly efficient in the virtual world.

- Demola Cunningham is a digital marketer and communications consultant, It’s JUS Marketing. Email feedback to and; @itsjusmarketing