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Luna Sea Inn: Bringing something different to Jamaica!

Published:Tuesday | November 6, 2018 | 7:57 AMKareem Latouche

Jamaica isn’t lacking scenic landscape and interesting places, especially along our coastal shore. Luna Sea Inn is one such property. Located in Bluefield in Westmoreland, it’s hard to miss the vibrant Turquoise green wall with the name of the business painted in white.


The quest to find a worthwhile project took some time; the only thing she knew for certain was that she wanted to open a restaurant. “I kept looking but I couldn't find the right venue until someone pointed this spot out to me.”

Even though the property had potential, it needed extensive work which was an uphill task for Chidester, who wanted no delays in the restoration process. “It looked like an old motel; there was no grass growing, and everything was beige, lifeless and ugly. For one and a half years I worked on it. A major thing I did was to gut all the rooms and completely renovated them.”

At the entrance, there is a small gift shop which persons can use to access the Cracked Conch Restaurant. It only uses fresh produce bought from the locals and it is open to the public. “We go to the market and buy our produce and then we go to the fishermen for fish and we do the same thing for our beef and pork.”

The decor has a natural feel, with wooden seats inside the dining area that leads to a well-manicured lawn where persons can sit, listen to the ocean and watch the sun set.

The experience for guests

On arrival, guests are taken to the bar for a complimentary drink before they head to their rooms. The overall feel is one of relaxation and calmness, supported by the layout of the property. To the left of the restaurant are the 10 rooms and the first thing that stands out is hearing the waves crashing against the reefs that border the property.

Even though it keeps guests close to nature, they are met with sophistication as they approach the room which has to be unlocked with a digital code. The rooms are neatly designed to optimise the space. All the expected amenities are included, including a/c, flat screen cable tv, free Wi-Fi, a safe and a coffee machine. However, the biggest selling point is the proximity of the sea which can be accessed by diving in or preferably taking one of the kayaks or paddle boards. If this is not enough and persons want to explore the parish, there are many attractions to visit nearby.

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Who is it for? Adults who like nature and serenity

What drink to try? Blended fruit punch with a little rum

What food to eat? Callaloo bundle (callaloo, cheese wrapped in pastry and then deep fried)

Must try activity? Kayaking to the reef

Recommended stay: Two to three nights

Price range: $13, 000 - $19, 000 per night with a 20% discount for locals


Contact: (876)955-8099 • (876) 383-6982 or email