Sat | Jun 6, 2020

Randeen Thomas: The Man with the ‘Mix’

Published:Friday | April 24, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
He is always ready to take your order.
Thomas enjoys creating his special mixes.

IF MIXOLOGY is artistry in motion, then consider the instruments as the canvas, the ingredients as the paint, and Randeen Thomas as the Pablo Picasso of his time, giving spirits new life.

Some might be familiar with ‘The Big Belly Bartender’, while others may have seen him as the man with the ‘mix’ on ‘CocktailzJamaica’. Either way, there’s no denying Thomas’ unique skills, innovation, energy and charm behind the bar.

The whirlwind pandemic of COVID-19 has resulted in quarantine and the closure of all bars across the country. What could have been a devastating roadblock at the heights of his progressive career, turned out to be the golden brand-building opportunity. By utilising social media platforms, like Instagram Live, Facebook and YouTube, Thomas has been able to successfully entertain and educate rum lovers and newcomers about mixology.

Thomas has been involved in the spirits industry for approximately nine years, starting out as a waiter at the Market Place, before working his way up to becoming a bartender— after arming himself as a certified mixologist and bar supervisor


Courtesy of J. Wray & Nephew Academy, his passion skyrocketed to become a profession. “The academy equipped us with knowledge of various spirits, inside and outside of personal brands, and provided opportunities to apply a hands-on approach, taking what we learned and growing in the business.” He is currently employed at the Appleton Estate as a mixologist, while freelancing at special events.

CocktailzJamaica was created back in 2018 in order to bring into focus the five fundamentals of culinary mixology: simplicity, seasonality, quality, creativity, and taste. Living by the mantra ‘anything edible is drinkable’, his love for the craft, unbelievable creativity and original showmanship has earned him several awards and given him amazing exposure, both locally and internationally. It is his hope to make CocktailzJamaica a household name.

The confident mixologist is challenging those daring enough to try their hands at what he describes as his ‘formulas’ for yourself.

To see more of Thomas’ mixes, subscribe to CocktailzJamaica on YouTube, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook: @CocktailzJamaica.