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Sticky Gorilla Glue situation resolved

Published:Monday | February 15, 2021 | 12:11 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter

It’s too early to joke about the Gorilla Glue warfare between Tessica Brown and the heavy duty adhesive, which had social media glued to their screens because it was serious the moment she posted about it.

Many times, persons take on DIY activities which include swapping out the usual product for an alternative.

But things went awry when, in an attempt to replace her finished hair gel, Got2B Glued, the Louisiana native decided to apply a household product, Gorilla Spray, to create a sleek hairstyle.

A month later, after seeing no movement in her scalp region, a pony-tailed Brown took to social media to share her story and seek advice on how to remove Gorilla Glue from her hair. Panic grew as she aired out her frustration, stating that what she did was a bad idea, while providing a live demonstration of trying to shampoo her hair for persons to see. Like many times before, she turned up unsuccessful in her quest.

She immediately went viral, and it was there that the real Gorilla Glue Warfare began. Audiences worldwide were split between laughter and ridicule or genuine concern for her health. So many could not fathom why she would spray a glue in her hair in the first place, one that proved to possess the binding strength of several warriors combined. It must’ve been a joke in their eyes and they were ruthless in their slandering comments towards her and her situation.

But others came to her rescue and were sympathetic to her plight, supplying a host of solutions for her to try. She was responsive to the assistance given and even provided feedback, but all proved to be futile. After several persons suggested that she head to the hospital, she took heed and walked into her nearest Emergency Room.

When she returned home with a less than promising update, persons rallied around her, hoping that she would find the answer to this stiff, unsolved puzzle. Then came the call that would change her story for the better.

Social media was glued to their screens, as Los Angeles surgeon Dr Michael K Obeng and his team performed a procedure to remove the Gorilla Glue from Brown’s hair.


There are several lessons that can be taken from this incident. If you do run out of your usual products, please read carefully and do the necessary research before jumping the gate on something you know nothing about.

It is important to ask for help. I’m sure we were all hoping that she would’ve sought assistance sooner, but it is never too late to try to right your wrongs. Ask and you shall receive. And she did.

Social media can be both a toxic and helpful space. People are mean and cruel and these virtual platforms give them that outlet to express exactly how they feel. Hadn’t she suffered enough? Where does the character-slashing end and humanity begin? On the flip side, there are still decent and thoughtful people in the world. Those who will show care for a complete stranger who is going through insurmountable stress and physical pain.

For every hater who spoke out against Brown and her actions, there was a supporter who shared insight and who was there for her. She might not have even received that well- needed surgery if she hadn’t gained popularity as the ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’.

And lastly, gratitude is a must.

A relieved Brown (we all let out a huge sigh with her) cried tears of joy as she ran her hand through loose hair for the first time in weeks. Graciously thanking the team for this miracle, she put an end to her nightmare and thereby abolished Gorilla Glue Warfare.