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Reno’s redevelopment gets thumbs up

Published:Wednesday | November 25, 2020 | 12:10 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer

Reno Football Club recently held their annual general meeting (AGM) and took the first step towards remodelling the club to meet the requirements of a modern football institution, and keynote speaker at the AGM, Moses Chybar, said he is excited by the club’s new initiative.

Chybar, president of the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce and managing director of the Icon Group of Companies, said the Westmoreland business community would be more than willing to support the club if they can develop the kind of infrastructure the corporate community would like to see.

“It’s about getting a plan that they (Reno) really want and aligned to the vision. If they can come to the chamber (of commerce) with that, business entities would want to align with them,” Chybar said.

“So they need to put a proper structure in place so things can run properly and get the eyes of people to see that you are determined to do it, and they (business community) will align with that and support it because it is worthy,” Chybar added. “Plus, they are affiliated to it so they will get coverage as well. So they will be more than happy to co-brand with Reno and give the club a percentage from sales to assist the club.”

Chybar, who noted that his family business will be sponsoring the team’s refreshment and nutrition this season, believes that for the club to attain its goals, the new personnel must have the commitment and passion to move the club forward.

“The fact that new persons are joining the team and there is this whole new thrust to expand and attract more people, I really feel excited that Reno is really ready to go to higher heights,” he shared. “It’s a lot of hard work and requires 110 per cent commitment, and if they are not willing to put out all of that, then they might forget the whole idea of accepting the nomination. So the commitment has to be there especially when you are rebuilding.”

He further underlined that the club should look to broaden its horizon and seek to become even more than just a football club.

“It should represent the community, not just football. It should be seen more as an institution. Reno should be championing the community, not just by winning the Premier League, but by championing and leading things like fitness, engage other stakeholders and be visible and active in the community so when they look for help, they will get it,” he advised.

Meanwhile, the club’s technical director and national director of football, Wendell Downswell, says they have a three to five-year plan to revitalise the club.

“We are relaunching the club. We are putting together a good team, so right now we are in some strategic planning to put it together,” Downswell disclosed. “We do not want to divulge too much as yet but we are rebranding and we have targeted individuals that can create that type of impact. So that is the direction we are going in now.”

Reno was a dominant force locally back in the 1990s, with the Frome-based club winning their three national titles (1990, 1991 and 1995) during that decade. They also won the now-defunct national knockout tournament back-to-back in 1995 and 1996.