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California considers calling THC in marijuana a risk to moms-to-be

Published:Thursday | December 12, 2019 | 9:19 AM
In this August 24, 2018 file photo Keira Sumimoto plays with her daughter, in Irvine, California Sumimoto, who used marijuana briefly for medical reasons while pregnant and breastfeeding, says her daughter is healthy and advanced for her age. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull,File)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California panel on Wednesday wrestled with the reliability and accuracy of dense research studies as it considers whether to declare marijuana’s potent, high-inducing chemical — THC — a health risk to pregnant women and require warnings for the pot products legally sold in the nation’s most populous state.

Surveys have indicated that a rising number of mothers-to-be have turned to marijuana products for relief from morning sickness and headaches, though it’s effectiveness has not been backed by science.

The Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee, a group of scientists appointed by the governor, is focusing on whether THC and cannabis smoke cause “reproductive toxicity.”

An affirmative finding would make THC one of hundreds of chemicals judged to cause cancer or birth defects that California requires to carry warning labels, such as arsenic and lead.

The panel met in Sacramento to delve into numerous studies that have examined whether cannabis use during pregnancy can be linked to low birth weight, early deliveries, infant mortality or cognitive or other health problems with children.

They debated whether studies were sufficiently comprehensive and scientifically sound to make judgments about the effects of THC and pregnancy. Some studies didn’t make clear how frequently a mother used cannabis during pregnancy or what products were being used.

Others didn’t account for instances when mothers were using marijuana and tobacco and whether that could skew the results.

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