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Practice of right conduct not theoretical knowledge

Published:Sunday | January 9, 2022 | 12:09 AM

Students! It is not enough to know what inner and external right conduct is. It is vital that both inner and external right conduct is practised. The ancient scriptures, the Vedas, declare ‘Speak Truth and Live according to Right Conduct’. Right conduct is not a matter of scholarship and knowledge – it is the practice of human values in everyday life. Theoretical or bookish knowledge, scholarship in the scriptures do not lead to purity but good actions, good thoughts and good feelings do.

What are the divine human values? These may be stated as comprising of a) Love of God –when there is love of God, one will have all the peace and truth within; b) Fear of Sin –when there is fear of sin, there will be love and you will remain peaceful; c) Morality – it is the morality in society. There you will find the principle of non-violence. Therefore, if you develop this love for God, you will have all the peace, truth, and right conduct. The one who has love for God will never resort to violence, the one with love for God will never be unrighteous, he will ever remain peaceful. Therefore, this love is our very life.


We think the human values are truth, righteousness, peace, and love. But all of them are contained in this love. This love directs you towards God. Love is like a compass which points towards the north wherever you keep it. So, love wherever it is, will direct you towards God. Therefore, this compass of love is special grace given to mankind. The human value in this world is love, which is present in every person. The Vedas speak of the divine who is present in all. God is present in everything. Who is God? Love is God. God is present in all: Love is God, live in love.

At one time, Jesus took the permission of his mother and observed penance in the desert for 42 days. When he gained knowledge of His true self, He asked for three boons to be granted to Him. He said, “My Father I ask you for three boons”. The first one: You have given me this life; may I never hurt anyone; may I serve all. May I be ever ready to accept my mistake, may I never utter a lie. May I always tread the path of truth. The second one: “Oh God give me a heart capable of bearing all the suffering put to me by jealous people, by those who will hurt me, those who will accuse and criticize me”. Jealous people always watch the good. As you progress in life, there are people who will feel jealous of you. When you are happy, there are people who will feel envious. As people become more and more selfish, they become more and more jealous, so Jesus asked “Oh God! The jealous people may cause me to suffer, but please grant me a state of mind that will always remain [in] peace”. The third one: “May I never give my love to anybody but You. May I surrender all my love totally at your feet. Let me spend all my time serving You. May your bliss become my bliss. You are the very embodiment of love; help me to become so. God is ever total and wholesome. May I surrender to the wholesome God”. He wanted these three boons.

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