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Published:Sunday | January 8, 2023 | 12:37 AM

I am ‘Crowd’

I gravitate to anybody, anywhere, anyhow, anything, anytime.

I will appear anytime that the expected norm ‘turn on a dime’

Anywhere that incidents and situations evoke raw emotions.

I can be orderly and respectful, but I prefer excitement and commotions.

I can be pulled together faster than the forming clouds of a thunderstorm.

Anything that sparks my feelings, anything that ignites my desire, can cause me to perform.

Anyhow you want me to operate I can meet those criteria.

I just flow with the ‘loudest voices’, the ones that give me hysteria.

My character is based on anything, I just move with the tide.

I was so happy with the fish and bread that Jesus fed me on the mountainside.

Jesus can ‘fill my stomach’ so with Him I will abide.

I love to see His signs and wonders; I will follow by His side.

The High priests and leaders passionately shout that Jesus is a traitor.

Their persuasion infiltrates me to despise the Great Creator.

Their hate for Jesus spread to me because their voices are strong.

Current emotions incited “Crucify Him!”, it doesn’t matter about right or wrong.

My JD is impressive, it includes character defamation.

I don’t believe in research, just the ‘power and emotion’ behind the ‘given’ information.

My only concern is to remain faithful to the “greatest numbers”.

I work tirelessly, I never sleep nor do I ever slumber.

I am committed to nothing but remain loyal to the “most powerful’’ anybody.

I roll with the majority even if their truth is shoddy.

I am not affected by ethics nor any quest for justice and truth.

I am kept alive by any “united emotion”, and have been that way throughout my endless youth.

You cannot kill me even if you are rational and objective.

I will survive anywhere, anytime and anyhow even if everything is subjective.

I can crush anything at any time and for that I am very proud.

I am very fickle yet powerful, and that’s why my name is ‘Crowd’.

Maurice Coke