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Wishes for a happy new you

Published:Sunday | January 15, 2023 | 12:40 AM

Years come and go. Every January 1, we all celebrate and wish each other a happy New Year, with heartfelt blessings, but that new year doesn’t remain happy – sometimes even after the first week. Sometimes the first day of the new year brings sadness. Wishing each other happiness on any occasion is wonderful, but these wishes are momentary, and the happiness shortlived.

People feel enthusiastic and are in celebratory mode for an occasion. When that is over, their state of mind returns to dealing with the daily grind of life – what is lacking in life - and then the negatives take over. We are surrounded by so many things to be grateful for, but our attention is centred only on what we don’t have. Changing the date on the calendar doesn’t make a year happy. What is critical is for the old you to make a change.

Let us start with a simple step. Every day is a new day, and each morning is the foundation of the day. Just as we wish happy New Year, start wishing yourself every morning ‘a happy and contented new day’. Wish others for the same. This should become a routine. This wish shouldn’t just be a formality or for the sake of greeting oneself. It should be something that you feel within you.

Recalibrating your inner self will bring about that change. Each happy day will make your months and, ultimately, the year happy. Just make that start. Also, don’t just say “morning”. Instead, say “happy morning” or “nice/good morning”.

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