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Womanhood – a celebration of love and life

Published:Sunday | March 19, 2023 | 12:05 AM

March is women’s history month, but should recognising women be confined to a day or a month?

Human beings have a unique combination of masculinity and femininity. Our body is also made with the contribution of two energies: ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. Each one of us has both sides of the spectrum. The sole presence of one side is unsustainable. Just like having day and night is crucial, similarly, yin and yang make existence complete. Every male has some percentage of feminine traits, and likewise, each female has some amount of masculine traits in them. Just as a child needs both parents for proper sustenance and growth - no matter how strong one parent is, they cannot replace the other parent – similarly, each human being needs to balance both traits in themselves.

This is where the challenge lies: to create an equilibrium. At times, circumstances force people to shift their energy fields in one direction. But it is a situation where a rose is wanting to be a lily without knowing the beauty and importance of purely being a rose. Women and their femininity are one of the most powerful energy sources in this universe. The power of giving life, sustenance, nurturing, compassion, kindness, and care is what makes the world a better place.


Women, in the race to be more like men, somewhere lose their innate beauty. It has become necessary in today’s competitive world to strive to be ahead, but it is also critical to recognise and strike that eternal balance through which life flourishes in its best version.

Though, in many circumstances, striking the balance may be easier said than done, and one has to adjust oneself according to the circumstances. Ladies, try to take time out in the busy day where you can be one with yourself, and appreciate your feminine energy field. Let us enjoy what we are because we are uniquely created and masterpieces in our true selves.

It is important to keep the femininity alive. Value being a woman and bless this world. Let us not compare or demand but enjoy being what we are. It is the incompleteness of being oneself that drives us to compete, acquire, and be ahead of the competition – but still there is a void in our lives. Remember, as a woman, you are complete in yourself, you lack nothing. Recognise your energy fields, and strive to balance both two sides of your traits within yourself.

- Courtesy: Rajyoga Meditation Center, Kingston (meditation courses and counselling are offered free of charge). Email: Or follow them on Instagram: rajyoga_meditation_jamaica