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Fix the wrong first or initiate the right thing?

Published:Sunday | April 7, 2024 | 12:09 AM

From our earliest years, we have been told that everyone makes mistakes. The adage ‘to err is human’ is a common phrase, often used to excuse our missteps. Life is a journey filled with imperfections. Merely accepting that life isn’t perfect, or that we’re not divine, doesn’t absolve us of responsibility for our wrongdoings. Continuously fixing mistakes seems like a noble pursuit, but it also consumes our existence, leaving us with a sense of inadequacy.


For instance, if harsh words were spoken in a moment of anger, a sincere apology seems to begin the process of healing. But we need to remind ourselves that actions, once done, cannot be undone. Seeking forgiveness isn’t enough. We need to perform some good deeds as well. If we insulted someone in anger then we should praise someone too. If we harmed someone then we should benefit someone double the harm.

Often, we rush to rectify mistakes, inadvertently nurturing them with our attention. Instead, we should initiate the right and focus on nurturing the good within us. By prioritising positive actions over fixing the negatives, we naturally diminish the power of negativity.


We often fight with the darkness thinking that it needs to be removed first for the light to enter. We need to focus on igniting the light and the darkness dissipates automatically without confrontation. In practical terms, this means addressing missteps by actively engaging in positive actions, ultimately disempowering the wrong. The aftermath of a mistake presents an opportunity for redemption, not just correction. Rather than fixating on undoing the past, we can redirect our energy towards doing good in the present. If a harmful deed was committed, counterbalance it with multiple acts of kindness. This approach not only corrects the wrong, but also cultivates a habit of doing more good than harm. Rather than dwelling on faults, strive to be better versions of yourself in the very moment.

Let’s shift our focus from fixing our flaws to amplifying our virtues. By doing good deeds tenfold, we’ll find the darkness within us fading, replaced by the radiant light of positivity. This light, often described as the divine spark within us, is ready to illuminate our path if we choose to nurture it. It’s time to embrace this transformative power in the right way.

The key to a contented and happy life lies in making the present moment the best by not dwelling on past mistakes but in actively pursuing goodness. By kindling positivity within us, we naturally dispel darkness.

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