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Published:Sunday | April 7, 2024 | 12:06 AM


I said I do and now I can’t undo

The pain I feel is beyond what words can say

As my abuser lay beside me each and every day

He would hurt me even in front of our daughter’s face

Whenever I cry tears of blood fall down my cheeks

My abuser would smile and sometimes laugh at me

I care zero would be his answer no matter the place

In my marriage, there is no rain, only pain and disgrace

His love burns like the sun scaring me beyond recognition

Not much communication for he erupts like magma

Day after day brings sorrow, pain, and bitterness

The woman I used to be exists no more, the agony!

My marriage has ripped apart the fabric of my soul

When my stress level escalates, I cannot concentrate

A remedy of pressure and heart meds I now take

He has totally changed my conception of marriage

Before marriage was a beautiful plan

To grow old with someone for the rest of our days

Loving them with 32 and loving them with two

Did an addition, got the wrong solution and need a subtraction

My marriage is just a big miscalculation, imprisonment!

A wedding band replaced the shackle on the hand

I am just a slave wobbling in the sand, I need a release

Marriage is a dreadful curse, an incurable disease

For Jack and Jill, I stay nine years and two months

My marriage is sending my mind into far, far space

If freedom doesn’t make haste, I will surely go to waste

Now I know bartering is not fair trade

I gave a heart expecting a diamond, but I got a spade.

Patree Haynes

# # #

Echoes of solitude

In shadows deep, I wander lost,

A soul adrift, a tempest tossed.

In the realm of night, I roam alone,

A stranger in this world, unknown.

Do I belong among the stars’ cold gleam,

Or in the shadows where nightmares dream?

Am I but a whisper, a fleeting shade,

In this labyrinth where sorrows cascade?

I question my existence, my purpose, my plight,

In the cloak of darkness, shrouded from sight.

Do I belong to the light’s gentle embrace,

Or in the depths of darkness, find my place?

A riddle wrapped in shadows, I may be,

Lost in the mists of uncertainty.

Yet in the depths of night, I find my song,

A solitary soul, where I belong.

Shekeiliah Easy