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The window to your inner world

Published:Sunday | May 26, 2024 | 12:06 AM

Humans live in two worlds: the inner world and the outer world. Most of us are engrossed in the outer world, engaging with it constantly through our senses. However, our inner world often remains unknown and neglected. This disconnection leads us to seek inner experiences from external sources resulting in discontentment.

The bridge between the two Worlds

Our senses, particularly our eyes, are the primary windows to the outer world. Eyes work as the bridge between both worlds. The eyes are the powerful tool that draws our attention and awareness outward, making it hard to distinguish between the inner and outer realms. The true journey inward begins when we close our eyes.

The Role of Eyes in Mental Activity

When our eyes are open, they keep providing inputs for our minds to remain active. The mind continues to process images and experiences we’ve encountered or imagined even during sleep. Closing our eyes shuts the door to external distractions, allowing our awareness to remain within. This inward focus conserves energy.

Minimising eye usage can significantly slow down mental activity. For example, people who cover their eyes while sleeping often find the rest more rejuvenating. If covering the closed eyes helps during sleep, imagine the benefits of reducing the usage of eyes during the day. By saving the energy typically expended through our eyes, we can redirect it to elevate our consciousness.

Impact on Mental Health

Excessive use of our eyes witnessing the external world contributes to mental stress. Our visual intake, especially through constant scrolling and viewing unnecessary content, overloads our minds. By practising shutting your eyes for some time in the day, and giving eyes only to the essential tasks, you can achieve a notable calmness and a sense of inner peace. By consciously reducing our dependency on them for non-essential tasks, we foster stability and clarity, ultimately leading to a balanced and peaceful life.

Stress and many brain-related issues can decrease if we stop giving our eyes to wasteful things. In today’s world, we are bombarded with visual information, much of which is irrelevant and stressful. Reducing this visual overload can significantly lower stress levels and improve mental clarity.

Embracing the Inner World

Despite the myriad problems the outer world presents, solutions often lie within us. Yet, we continually seek answers in the outside world. This external pursuit is very short-lived. Let us not wait for life’s challenges to push us inward. Many people only turn to their inner world when it’s almost too late, making the journey difficult. Instead, proactively discover your inner world to experience lasting peace and solutions. Remember, “What you see, you become!”

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