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Norris McDonald | Hubris, the Brzezinski doctrine and the economic cost of war

Published:Wednesday | April 17, 2024 | 12:06 AM
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continuously provoked a war with Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continuously provoked a war with Iran
Norris McDonald
Norris McDonald

“Live out your life

In truth and justice,

Tolerant of those who

Are neither true nor just!”

– Marcus Aurelius

Israel destroyed the Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1, 2024, and killed some top military leaders. On April 14, 2024, Iran unleashed a massive retaliatory strike of over 350 missiles and drones on Israel that shocked the world.

Benjamin Netanyahu has continuously provoked a war with Iran. His pretext was the desire to “stop Iran getting nuclear weapons”.

America has long said that it would join a war between Israel and Iran but when the time came, they whimpered out.

America got the chance to come to Israel’s defence and never did. What made America change her mind?

Did America lose her nerves or, did common sense and cooler heads prevailed?

Then again, was it the massive show of force by Iran or was it the forceful statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would intervene and assist Iran if America attacked them?


Whatever was the reason why America did not help Israel in this Iranian-proxy fight, the hubristic Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was left publicly humiliated.

Has the situation calmed down or will there be another major war in the Middle East?

When will all this madness stop?

While some armchair warriors, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, have been strong advocates of an American attack on Iran, there are others, the more sober-minded, who argue that this would be extremely dangerous to America’s national security.

The last 30 years have seen Western countries, led by America, wage war after war in the Middle East.

There is a reason for America and NATO instigating wars in the Middle East, General Wesley Clarke has said. He is the former NATO Supreme Commander for Europe and is therefore privy with knowledge of what goes on in the Western centres of power.

According to General Clarke, a plan was created by NATO to destroy seven countries in five years. This included Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

These countries were regarded as “threats to Israel and American interest” that had to be destroyed.

Over the last 30 years most of this military plan has been achieved.

Iran was to be the site for the final epic battle of “good versus evil”, but, as we have seen, America has now chickened out.


America’s sudden refusal to attack Iran is a fallback to ‘the Brzezinski doctrine’.

The Brzezinski doctrine argues that America must not “follow Israel like a stupid mule into a war with Iran that would be disastrous to America’s national security interest.”

Meanwhile, against the policy objection of experts, President Biden has been running around saying he would be willing to wage war to defend Taiwan, Philippines, Israel, and Ukraine.

Mr Biden’s cavalier attitude goes against the grain of America’s national security doctrine, especially as articulated by Dr Brzezinski. It has led to perpetual wars, and political and economic uncertainty.

We have seen where – because of Biden’s unlimited backing of Benjamin Netanyahu – untrammelled, genocidal and ethnic cleansing is taking place in Gaza.

Over 120 journalists have been killed by Israel. Women and children getting flour were recently massacred.

The Palestinian death toll is well over 35,000 and counting.

Babies have starved to death in incubators.

But Israel had to attack the Iranian consulate for America to suddenly realise how dangerous Benjamin Netanyahu is to world peace.

Several Israeli leaders, including opposition leader Yair Lapid, have now publicly denounced Netanyahu as a threat to Israel’s national security.

President Biden pledged to defend Israel in the event of the expected Iranian attack but at the end of the day he said he would not attack Iran.

Cold feet or cold reality? What do you think?


War is not without costs.

War impacts prices. It affects bank lending rates, food, transportation, prices at the pump, electricity, cooking gas and other necessities of life.

Money disappears from poor people’s pockets as prices rise. This is a direct effect of wars. Therefore, if you are cheering for a warmonger, you are undermining your economic security.

What sense does it make for people to be working hard to create wealth in society then, suddenly, they find themselves unable to pay for food, healthcare and other amenities of life. And yet their government can find money to sponsor and wage wars.

The poor people of the world face so many challenges such as hunger, poverty, diseases and general lack of human development and dignity. But the people who like to lecture the world about democracy and human rights can quickly find money for wars, to kill people. But they won’t spend money on getting rid of poverty in the world or to save a human life.


Yes, my dear friends, war impacts global prices and undermines all our desires to achieve a better quality of life.

This is why truth, justice and human dignity must remain the bedrock principles for our political struggles.

Bob Marley was correct.

We live in a world in which white Anglo-Saxons believe it is their God-given right to maintain their unjust imperialist domination.

This is a white supremacist mentality. And it is this Bob Marley says must go …

Bob Marley says … (and I paraphrase) …

“Until the philosophy which hold one race superior

And another inferior

Is finally and permanently

Discredited and abandoned

Everywhere is (national liberation) war

Me say (a fight for freedom) war!”

Social justice struggles go hand in hand with the need and desires to have a modern, thriving economy.

The world we live in is one of war, chaos and imperialist domination. This is certainly not a good situation.

We must therefore continue to strive for peace, freedom, economic and human development, so that the wealth of nations can be put to better use than funding these perpetual wars!

That is just the ‘bitta’ truth.

Norris McDonald is an economic journalist, political analyst, and respiratory therapist. Send feedback to and